Mind Set on relationships

Can it be possible to feel lonely and afraid of closeness at the same time? What will happen if it is so that all we encounter are just a preparation for a battle after death.What if after death is the reality and what we think of as life now is just a practise?

One thought on “Mind Set on relationships

  1. I think the first part is perfectly possible (from experience;).The second part, however, is not necessarily meaningful. The distinction between practice and reality will depend on what you’re expecting. In an experiment for instance, practice trials will differ from experimental trials only in that (a) they come before the experimental ones and (b) are not put into the analysis, because you are expected to make mistakes while getting familiar with the task. Same goes for life/death. If life is practice than it’s only because smbd/smth means it to be practice. In the end it’s really up to you to decide.


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