I am reading Phantoms in the brain by VS Ramachandran. I read about capgras syndrome (the problem of not able to accept close relatives(usually parents) and claiming them to be impostors)which may be due to the disconnection between amygdala in the brain with the neural pathways for visual recognition as per the author. (Amygdala is the part of the brain that is incharge of activating the limbic system which produces emotional meaning like anger, or warm feeeling of love etc…..
He tries use the same speculation to explain people with “cotard’s syndrome” (who claim they are dead and their body is rotting flesh). Then a thought occurred to me. There have been times when i have said to myself that i am just a zombie living. Lifeless body doing perfunctory things. Now that piqued my brain…(Is it possible to cutoff the Amygdala link to the brain neural pathways by just rewiring the brain( practicing some ways of thinking)?? Is that why i felt no emotion and like a zombie then??

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