An artwork that was truly spontaneous.

An impulsive attempt at art. So impulsive that it was started on the back side of a marriage invitation.;-D.
One evening during the long awaited vacation, we( me and my mom) sat down to draw, with no great direction or destination. My mom chose the simpler way (or was it better) of drawing the usuals of dog, man, woman etc.. I being the idealist i am chose a face and started with the outline shape.But that was the end of any conscious goal. Then i started partitioning the outline for no reason i was cognitive of. After that i kept drawing with a half-face and something else(No don’t worry i won’t go into describing it. Then i paused to take a look and found a empty section and felt also the drawing looks too intelluctually proud. At that i drew a hemispherical brain on that section. Have a look at it and comment on it please…..

6 thoughts on “An artwork that was truly spontaneous.

  1. well looks like i am the first to commment… neways just thought the whole idea of writing the reason for drawing brain was again an pride show at my humility….:-D


  2. // again an pride show at my humility….//:-)..u cud say tht..and for that comment for this shud go in detail abt this artwork or the mental state u were in when u drew this…ரெண்டுமே நமக்கு ரொம்ப கஷ்டம்…அதுனால..படம் நல்லா இருக்கு…இப்போதைக்கு என் profile-ல இந்த படம் தான்..ஹி ஹி ஹி…


  3. Dude, I found out a few days back itself and i have commmented too on some of your blogs, I think i commented on the old one with some quotes.though not the latest ones..:-D But I did read the latest one about u feeling like a women.


  4. Hey dont blemish the wonderfull work by calling it modern art…….. the concept no longer exists…… its all contemporary…………..and more than anything spontaenity is good …is like zen….so happy art…..pari


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