Rants on us,love,et cetera….

Are we all out of love?? And the next evolution is going to be just learning to love everyone??? Because to love everyone is to know them. To know that we are all one and they are just reacting . The paradox is if we love everyone how can we let the people whom we don’t? so Convert, change??
After all everything is love in a way. If someone scolds you he is in love with something and you intruded/threatened him being with it(belief/person/material)?? “Love is” with May be it just is. We only play around with the manifestations, which we believe to be true. But that again raises the question of Gary Zukav. The mechanistic view of the universe?? Religion?? Science rose up against religion but became one by upholding the newtonian universe. Now quantum physics again challenges the view but will it end up establishing a varied version of Mechanistic view??? Is it a never ending circle???
Or what is it about that fixedness that we are all drawn towards?? Is it just a calm thought that we all need or is it just that the kind of thought like that calms some part of brain and we need that part to be calm most of the times??? Why is it that when we are excited we don’t remember that fixedness?? Is it like we have a part that needs to be activated only at some occasions, but not otherwise?? Or as Scott adams said we are all just “God’s Debris” and that’s why we have the tendency??