A year’s straying thoughts during class

Hey these are the products of the excretion of my cochlea into my brain,feeding on the phonemes produced by the help of the larynx and pharynx of our lecturers during the academic year 2007-2008.
BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these are viral and could drive you crazy…….. They almost did to me………. but i escaped by the hair in my ear.
And oh yeah almost forgot please forgive the occasional self-pondering thoughts could not really manage to seperate them together it was too tough a job so gave up…. (My current comments as on 10/08/2008, while digitizing the handwritten notes).

Science-detail is a meme that propagates itself by appearing to be new, by way of too much detal??? are all scientists just possessed tools of the meme???

Why did we evolve grammar?? was that the evolution of reason?? no!! Is reasoning without language possible??? Language Memes???

Thinking/reasoning – starts with the agent trying to understand itself. So cognition is the next step in evolution??? (This one beats even me…… No clue what i was thinking…)

Bilinguals/Multilinguals have to rely more on semantic lexicon!!!!!

Did phonology or morphology evolve first in the evolution of language.?????

By an evolutionary viewpoint the intention to speak is induced by an alert or threat…. People have to be insecure to keep speaking and creating theories & new science????? Is that why buddhism is famous/right??? (guess was referring to noble silence………. but not so sure and can’t recall what i was thinking and why??).

If even language experts don’t have the basic definitions clear then what can be done??

Unlearning the differentiation of space,time,mass & energy (oh yeah awareness/consciousness too) is the target to be hit?? Education works against it??
But in reality the ones who excel or do great are the ones who perceive/feel/judge in the continuum and not the differentiated parts???

Where do I lag?? Energy?? mass?? also consciousness??

Quantum physics happened when physics entered hugely incomprehensible limits for the human sensory faculties…… so Cognitive science will go through a similarly long developmental process???

Chomsky would go along with innatism theory and say an innate fight against space,energy,time,mass predictability in an organism???
Is freedom an innate tendency??
People look for mates in an attempt to get together as proposed in God’s Debris??? but endup with child birth and thereby splitting up a bit more??? what an irony it would be??? :)

I need high space,mass, and i bring energy, quick response,higher cognition?? Animals cognize in fewer dimensions?? while humans in space,time,mass,energy,consciousness continuum… Click??

A video where a ball moves around and a key has to be pressed at exact,specific moments based on cues like colour of the ball?? Eye movement during the video??(with and without a random frame depicting incongruent movement??)

Categorisation & Integration are 2 different memes, which are competing for the mind to live and multiply on?? (Sounds like stolen from matrix)

Objective evaluation Vs Empathization => the dilemma of my life???

Action => a physical movement which is intended to effect a change in the environment/surroundings/outside the self-source of mismatch in working style between west & east???

Evolutionarily consciousness would have been a tool 4 sustanence as it enables us to remember, re-examine,re-analyze, one’s actions in the light of their results…….

Flexibility of a structure to suit the environment decides the fitness of the organism??? will it have to evolve space & time distinction???

Did we evolve to think???

Cognitive science domain???? causal??

Science – Diagnostic (Not a clue…………)

Specified/given is always when the event has happened or not happened.[boolean?? or even if we know a distribution] (again am lost…..)

Abstraction was an escape 4 me??? oh yeah the biggest addiction yet… Got to find something bigger next………

Belief networks of events model with events that evolve a causal relationship during training.
For a specific problem like the figure-ground segregation the factors/nodes of the network would be:
1. Flicker rate of regions
2. Colour of Regions
3. Relative size of the image
4. Relative motion

High neighbouring correlation in nature ==> Gestalt rules

Next evolution will be high dynamism??
do i give too much credit to people??(or atleast more than i give to myself??)
If panpsychism is true then y do we need living things?? what advantage does that give???
God’s Debris ==> Determinism?????????
Or just a global goal and lots of local decisions made?? or growth of the consciousness what does this phrase mean??[assumes humans are more conscious than animals]… if the premise is accepted then what next???? if failed then what?? a movemnt towards order only in the consciousness dimension or is this order and disorder in specific dimension grows and wanes???
Is it just a big 5d body changing forms & shapes?? Does this mean a membrane covered with fluid placed on a varying or tilting surface???? Or can we never thinkoutside of it because we are part of it???

Lower in Working memory => Higher awarenesss|more presence of mind due to less worry???

Are memes a result of necessity to explain?? (which would explain why robots/AI agents don’t create scientific theories,unless it is part of their goal) or is it the other way around?? is it a neccessary tool for the reproduction of memes??? Can it be the case that memes cause the consciousness & related issues while the others like perception, attention are just evolutionary pressure???

sit and give ideas seems to be the ideal job according to most scientists???

Emotion and reason are 2 dimensions of the mind…
Computers cannot multiply & divide cause it is artificial and imagined product of the mind => w/o real life???
Correlation are other imaginations of the mind too??

The way life throws up things and sprang surprises at as it a hunter in the wild trying to catch a big cat….
safe hands party in is want shakti is lookng forward to what am i???? (Merlin’s beard……. God bless this soul[:P])

why ‘is’ is a verb???
Existence is an action??
or language evolved when existence required a lots of action…..
Did the other
dhruv & me just pr..(Can’t read here) the each of our wannabe rosy image and show for ourselves new not for the other…………..

More we grow up more difficult to commune…

Are memes conscious???
Children are anticipatory.. our educational system was designed based on memes??Creativity is the ability to change the location of ego???

4years and 2 heart breaks is what it takes to unlearn the hesitation…. or rather realise it is the problem.Hope the unlearning is as instantaneous as i make it sound like… but what a wasteful & slow learner I really am like phaedrus i miss a lot of stuff and reinvent the wheel, a poor scholar indeed. All the more reason to forget about full-time Ph.D?? Let’s see to early to worry will apply just where i feel like and see what i feel like when i have to decide…. All of these is a bit more tough with age and support waning but “Somethings are meant to be………..”

Bayesian decision system for figure-ground segregation:
1.Assign figure & ground states to the regions of the image.
2.Previous experiences & conclusions from the previous judgement of figure & ground regions.

Can our machines ever can know quality???
Will they ever learn to categorize based on quality?? will they ever be able to create|generate category??

An algorithm starts with completely random cell activations then a bit more closer to the probability distribution of weights in the networks??

Urban life –> hunting/gathering
Ratiocination –> ratio –> fraction –> fractal geometry
Time can both undershoot and overshoot

I semester stuff………..

Explore freewill is identifying the basin of attraction we are in???

kinesthetic learning memes???
chaos theory & creativity
kinesthetic learning and creativity??

Abstract thinking is better in bi/multilinguals because of Linguistic switching
1.Paragraph with 2 languages mixed
2.Bi-lingual words
Comprehension rate eh diffficulty???
Switching words or sentence
How wud u measure the abstract thinking??
1.Mental rotation
2.Mirror image identification
3.Sequence -next??
4.Image + Image => which image
5.Visual analogies??
6.Analogies with math symbols
7.Understanding power???
8.Syllogical reasoning

There are no absolute concepts?? then there is no implicit transformation??
Consciousness in some state we are better @creativity??
At some paths and attractors those are creative regions with almost equal attraction from many around also explains association of creativity & uncertainty, & feeling of restlessness associated with it….

what if we can perceive only 3 or 4 dimensions??

cochlea is actually a snail???(it looks like a snail…. so could it be a remnant of the evolution from sea theory?? and could it have taken refuge in the head as a symbiotic relationship…. this is really diving into evolutionary psychology….. but still was and is interesting…..)

Continuous and discrete the resolution is vital to differentiate..
Are they really different?? Nature is always discrete??[Quanta]….

Physics has extended beyond ourselves.. Psychology is yet to catch up with physics…. do we need a different approach from usual science??

Live with the limitations of the internal model like discrete time and not continuous time?? Actually people who argue against evolution on grounds of reason are actually believers in the presence of a higher power that brings us together, but if they don’t it is actually utilitarian view.

Should i believe in the causality to live here??
Does our model of the world always have to see time?? Does nature evolve to know time or we humans modeled time too?? If yes is it still relevant or useful?? Can we come up with a better one?? can it be generic enough???

Utility based agents:
Emotion is the reaction of an organism to difference between the external state and expected state based on the internal model

Vipassana => just stop computing??

Faster you develop personality and ego less memes??
Human mind and Rene thom’s map seem so similar……. Jumps are considered dangerous which is the fear of learning. So much energy being put in to avoid jumps…… funnily enough ..Technological advances bring in jumps in awareness……..Though they evolved as a way to jump in space-time… They have started trying to drive jumps …..

Quality is the response of an organism to its environment????
Is cause and effect so clearly demarcated??
Equivalence can be defined at various levels. So interaction between equals if it is not between equals it is useless or not capable of study.

Science can never stop dividing and splitting??? Does it have to include the concern for the whole???

I have not emitted enough or do I believe i can emit more
why do we have lightness as a limited line of height??

Signal needs a transform
Signal interpretation
Signal is not there without an interpretation.
Implicitly transformed???
Absolute finite–> Relative infinite –> we say too big and so not practical to consider.
Absolute Infinite–> Relatively meaningless –> we don’t care about the value jus say infinite and leave it alone
Absolute zero –> Relative finite–> Relatively finite is absolute zero transformed to our purpose.So it is already in balance. We just meddle with it and imbalance it.
To ponder: We only meddle with Absolute zero =>Relatively finite.
And our relative zero is absolutely meaningless………=> we have made up our relative zero.
We keep meddling with absolute things in nature, till we observe a transform we can apply….

Independance is always on some scale referring to something so it is useful onlywhere the scale is relevant and useful.some with identically distributed.

Event independance?? how are they?? Inter dependance Dependance has to be referred to a scale. Dependant by time or sample set.

Can perception be a variable?? how is a variable determined?? At what stage are we capable of doing it? what are all the processes behind the process??? Only after exhaustive statistics??

Till now we have been studying systems outside us. We are now trying to study the mind too… May be we have to extend our system to include the mechanism of ourselves to. But do we first have a unified theory of all things outside us???

In case of meditator attention happens later stage…

Points of attraction –> lowest energy state???
Mental state sets –> Lowest information loss??=> lower creativity???

Covert moving ur ‘I’
Overt without moving ur ‘I’
Covert – Creativity & conscious of the ego & ‘I’ still
Overt – we are all one
Higher cost benefit => patterns of stimuli???[Expectation]

Any psychological property cannot be measured by an instrument……
Gotta use an implicit transformation …. to study………….

Oh yeah atlast i can go to sleep done with all these notes……….. Damn that was quite a scare……….. next job to do the grouping of the few theories mixed up here……. atleast now i can have all at one place. :P

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