7 yrs back another birthday entry



Today was the first day of having the NCC parade. Today it all was a little tough but it went on smoothly. And I’ve not yet planned it till now.I feel that this is a bad thing. I’m making it today.This semester. I wanted to upgrade my marks by regular study.This week I want to complete the portions that has been taught to us till now.That is a pretty big work for there’s a whole lot to study. I feel that this must get us to some place where I can achieve something. I also want to plan my future.(Ha ha ha). I now plan to complete my degree with good marks. I also aim to attend post graduate courses. If I’m placed in final year, then I want it to make a choice between my post graduation and work. Whatever it be I want to achieve something and make a mark in the field I choose and I shall strive to do it nobly.[:P]

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