Another day spent trying to write-up the thesis……..

 I have been trying to write the thesis and get it over with the whole day , but ended up re-reading the old thesis and papers more than writing… heck…..i am not touching it again tomorrow…… tonight is the last time, i spend writing that shit…. hell……….these minutiae can kill you…….. i have only me to blame though……….gotta have learnt from past experience and started writing long ago…….but well ……..wrong time to brood on that….can brood about that all i want once i am done with this stuff…..
Another interesting read….. from wikipedia……quantum decoherence….

According to the theory of quantum decoherence (, the parallel universes will never be accessible to us. This inaccessibility can be understood as follows: once a measurement is done, the measured system becomes entangled ( with both the physicist who measured it and a huge number of other particles, some of which are photons ( flying away towards the other end of the universe; in order to prove that the wave function did not collapse one would have to bring all these particles back and measure them again, together with the system that was measured originally. This is completely impractical, but even if one could theoretically do this, it would destroy any evidence that the original measurement took place (including the physicist’s memory).

Hmm….so interesting… once i start observing the emotions on people’s faces, i can never reverse it……. that fits the data i have observed about me………also confirms my solutions…i should start paying attention to people per se… ……that should solve a lot of problems arising out of that habit of mine……..

Another self-discovery though not a new one……. but just re occurred and don’t wanna have to re discover here it goes:
            Whenever I start a analysis/argument/discussion with myself or others, it is an indication i need to start writing/typing out.. It always comes down to an effort to put things in order and not anything else…..writing helps as it keeps my WM/STM clean……… :D
Cause of discovery:
                                  Started asking a question to sanju about graphs, when i was trying to solve the problem and realized i just needed to write it down and not talk , as i was looking to clear my WM/STM and not analysis  of pros and cons………

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