another glorious thought

Found a good way to resolve the previous post question..
I do i because my thought is faster than the speed at which i can do the actual work??? And so i start analyzing/thinking.. easy to do huh???
After some analysis and thinking i am bored of examining the solution anymore…..why wat the hell?? how many half-formed ideas have i abandoned that way???
Get up anand……..get yourself going……..find a way to break this vicious, cyclic habit…Well where does that lead me?? lazy?? or how do i get out of this rut??

idle thoughts

Can analytic and geometric thinking can be thought of as exploring/pushing the boundaries from within…….., while geometric as getting out of the actual solid/surface/object and defining the actual boundary conditions??? hmm……..
Interesting analogy…but this may explain why i think geometric is more accurate, while analytic is more speculative