ERP -code bloat

I can see why the biggest problem with an ERP software is the code base bloat or a huge code base…huge cost…huge code maintenance….no wonder the proprietary softwares are so high cost…. I don’t know a lean way to minimize it… openerp and erp5 themselves are fairly big……so just plain open-source is not going to be the solution….but then what is a solution?? i am tempted to quote Buckminister Fuller here “None of world’s problems  will be solved, until all of humans are fully educated.” .. Well let’s paraphrase it to say “None of erp software’s problems will be solved, until all of the erp-business users are fully educated.” 

Is metadata a solution? is metadata + open source a solution? or metadata + open source + cloud a solution?? 

Personally, i find the metadata + open source approach to be interesting, to say the least….Not to mentions the ajax based approach….