Beautiful Haskell

The beauty of haskell is it’s similarity to math. It is a fucking brilliant language to learn(especially, if you used to love math.)
As for practical problems and solutions, there are so many haskell packages, that i doubt it is impossible. But how the clean the code results,
i don’t know.* I would love to see clean code, but have’nt seen much of high level packages yet, and haven’t done enough development either.
But i heard lots of praise. And am eager to go for more haskell. Taking the effort to get yesod installed and running on annoying ubuntu.

*- Have just gone past recursion** chapter in Learn you a haskell for good.
**- Can’t help but wonder if recursion being called hard is specific to European/American culture. Personally, i find multiple sequences of
   and/or annoying rather than recursive. (i.e: hard to understand when reading code.)