Hg vs git vs darcs vs bzr

Hg pull is the same as git fetch. while git pull is like hg update.
Damn, what a mess of command semantics… rantingrick(python list) is right.
We have too much multiplicity..

Hg pull and git fetch retrieve the differences between local and remote repository.
hg update and git pull retrieve the differences and merge/update the local repo.

What do you know? bzr pull does the same thing as git pull. So does darcs. Ah guess mercurial tried to copy/borrow the svn update semantics….

See here for a very detailed implementation agnostic tutorial of source control softwares.


Damn it…It takes me 3 hours of hacking in python to read from SentiWordnet file and write to Mongo db…
Too long.. anand…too long….
It included mongodb,pymongo installation and running time, but still too long….

UPDATE: Just saw someone land on this page from googling and realized i don’t have a link to the code here and they must be swearing useless post so now you can find the script here

Rescuetime stats

I just had a look at my rescuetime statistics and this is an attempt  to interpret it.

Week             no. of hours      Efficiency**   Effective/Productive working hours*
 july 10-16     59h 51m           -0.7                27hr 20min
July 17-23     70h 21 m          -0.37               30hr 11min
July 24-30     57h 8m             -0.16              17hr  40m
July 31-Aug6 74hr 14m          -0.91               8hr 25 m
Aug7 – Aug 13 25hr 24m       -0.15               10hr 44m
Aug14-Aug20  42hr  28m      -0.19                26hr 04m

**- As displayed by rescuetime
* – (just summed up by category, including 0 productive hours)

The clear conclusion to be drawn is am more efficient when i work, nay spend a lesser no of hours on the comp.
Perhaps, not very surprising. I think i should target 50 hrs a week on the computer.
Note that 70hrs a week does result in 30hr on productive tasks but still a -0.37 efficiency…

P.S: i know the efficiency and working hours doesn’t add up or make sense, because rescuetime uses a
weighted average for efficiency. Weighted by productivity of the task(user-defined) from -2 to 2 integers.