vim blogging plugin’s interesting the behaviour of this plugin… and very odd… right after “:Blog publish” it fetches the date with local time +time zone difference. I think that’s where the source of the problem lies. i.e the point where the plugin sends the post over to wordpress it sends it with the local time but somehow assumes the time in GMT.. Hmm.

late nights and Response inhibition

sure we have all heard about the ill-effects of staying up late, we have research finding summarised and the super-summarised by journalists(much to the dislike of scientists, i may add). But as some studies have proven, we learn better with tighter feedback loops. Just tried out lumosity exercises on response inhibition. clearly lower scores. my ability to inhibit responses is pretty down. Interestingly, when the task involved Quantitative aptitude, there was no significant change in response inhibition. More kudos to the pros of practice.

CLI love writing

I had read enough about unix/linux and the power of command line. Also a lot of praises about vim and also the flamewars between vim and emacs. I kinda pride myself on spotting exaggeration in any given text. So didn’t right away rush into learning all the shortcuts for these tools. Sure tried them out, but never pro-actively tried to run through the learning curve.(In hindsight, i was lazy and should have). Now that i am fluent with both vim and the bash shell, i find that my blogging frequency has gone up simply because i found a blogging plugin. Earlier, i did find the wordpress blogging interface annoying, but never realized that it could be stopping me from writing more often. Instead I just blamed my laziness for not writing as much as I would like. Now i know it did.

Another thing, that is even a mild annoyance now is the structure of writing. I still think sometimes am better off with paper and pen. There i don’t stop my flow of thoughts to structure/para-phrase. i just write stuff as they come, and if i feel there is a better sequence just use boxes and arrows. But on the computer i tend stop re-read and then continue. At the end of the writing, i seem to be more happy/content/satisified with paper and pen written posts.(That tends to get edited once again, during typing). Hmm.. something to wonder about..Perhaps a tablet + light pen would be an interesting interface.

vim blogging plugin

This blogging plugin(written in ruby) is weird. It’s simple and powerful, works fine most of the time. But there’s one use case where it’s a problem. If i open a new file and run “:Blog np” to create a post and once am done writing, if i save the post before running “:Blog publish” it screws up the time. it somehow schedules the post for 2xyour time zone.
So really the resize2fs post was written and published before this one.


While online resize2fs is a very cool and convenient feature, to extend fs sizes without umounting them at all, it is very RAM heavy.(Not surprising). So if you have a system with 80-90% RAM load, bad idea to run online resize2fs, it’s painfully slow. Also if you are running on a local desktop with 2 GB RAM don’t even bother trying. running it(from 30G to 59G) in maintenance mode takes 2 seconds while running it mounted freezes up the system. Also i was running it on the /home filesystems one fs guaranteed to be having IO most of the time. Lesson learned, just because there is a very cool toy, doesn’t mean you should use it everytime/for every problem.