CLI love writing

I had read enough about unix/linux and the power of command line. Also a lot of praises about vim and also the flamewars between vim and emacs. I kinda pride myself on spotting exaggeration in any given text. So didn’t right away rush into learning all the shortcuts for these tools. Sure tried them out, but never pro-actively tried to run through the learning curve.(In hindsight, i was lazy and should have). Now that i am fluent with both vim and the bash shell, i find that my blogging frequency has gone up simply because i found a blogging plugin. Earlier, i did find the wordpress blogging interface annoying, but never realized that it could be stopping me from writing more often. Instead I just blamed my laziness for not writing as much as I would like. Now i know it did.

Another thing, that is even a mild annoyance now is the structure of writing. I still think sometimes am better off with paper and pen. There i don’t stop my flow of thoughts to structure/para-phrase. i just write stuff as they come, and if i feel there is a better sequence just use boxes and arrows. But on the computer i tend stop re-read and then continue. At the end of the writing, i seem to be more happy/content/satisified with paper and pen written posts.(That tends to get edited once again, during typing). Hmm.. something to wonder about..Perhaps a tablet + light pen would be an interesting interface.

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