Haskell— a history

Some problem with my fedora box,forced me to watch the tech video(only thing on hd that would play) history of haskell video by Simon Peyton Jones. The initial 15-20 minutes were a little odd, what with his old-fashioned jokes and mostly history, a little of how they persevered(though i guess, i might do the same in his position). But by the time he explained quickCheck, it was holy shit….that’s cool.(I had just started with typeclasses chapter in haskell tutorial).Anyway, i think they(typeclasses and instances) are the coolest kind of meta-programming i have come. The last time i was this excited was when i learnt i can overload and/or override data types with classes and operator overloading in C++.) i automatically started clapping and wondered why the audience didn’t…Hmm.. And the last question about triple(values,types,typeclasses) and the answers, comments were the most fun, i have had watching vid in a while…

Damn, now i gotta go and fix that video player issue.

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