iOS developer program

If i am not working with an institution or a company, i have to pay 99 USD, to just enroll in the iOS developer program and try out the tools. Phew..Apple is indeed maintaining it’s elitist, haute couture style. Am reminded of the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” where the Steve Jobs character says “They don’t have culture.We are better. We are artists.”
Can see how that has become a core part of their brand identity. But annoying to the others who are not part of the mile high club. Not unlike, high school groupism.

Anecdotal evidence for embodied cognition

Over the last couple of months, i realized, i have been growing ever so unfit, adding more fat..Decided to work on it, and have begun running. Not long enough to call it a healthy habit yet, but enough to be hopeful of the way forward. Anyway, i have noticed that this has already begun to influence my cognition(more precisely, my decision making). This seems to be enabling me to decisions, a lot more freely, whereas, i used to hesitate and worry about possible problems a lot more earlier. Now I have put that as if my decision making has become better, but the truth is i don’t know whether it has become better or worse. I don’t have a journal and it’s too early to judge even if i did. I would prefer to maintain a journal over a couple of years before i make a call on that. But what i do know is that i am happier about my decision-making. Phew, no wonder, there’s a following of embodied cognition.

And boy, those testosterone/serotonin surges…. are great…