Anecdotal evidence for embodied cognition

Over the last couple of months, i realized, i have been growing ever so unfit, adding more fat..Decided to work on it, and have begun running. Not long enough to call it a healthy habit yet, but enough to be hopeful of the way forward. Anyway, i have noticed that this has already begun to influence my cognition(more precisely, my decision making). This seems to be enabling me to decisions, a lot more freely, whereas, i used to hesitate and worry about possible problems a lot more earlier. Now I have put that as if my decision making has become better, but the truth is i don’t know whether it has become better or worse. I don’t have a journal and it’s too early to judge even if i did. I would prefer to maintain a journal over a couple of years before i make a call on that. But what i do know is that i am happier about my decision-making. Phew, no wonder, there’s a following of embodied cognition.

And boy, those testosterone/serotonin surges…. are great…

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