Lumosity trends

Have opened an account at lumosity and started playing it at various times. think after about 10-11 hrs, am now at the baseline level and can start documenting variance in performance over the scores there.
22-Sep-2011 10:18 hrs.
Speed and Problem Solving skills have risen from last night’s score. Memory, seems to have taken a dip, though it looks insignificant due to the nature of the games i got this morning selected by the training session.
Attention seems to have gone down too. though this looks like it might be a little more significant.
Flexibility has gone down, but think this is again insignificant due to the nature of games.

Just played out another set of games.. and tried a new attention game.. guess what my Attn BPI shot up by a 100 points.. clearly something to be said for change of task for shooting up attention….
A very good week in terms of exercise routine. Lumosity trends have been interesting.
Memory and problem solving have remained same or small insignificant increase. Attention and Flexibility have continued increasing at the steep rate they have been over the last couple of weeks. Speed has increased too, but not as much as in the last couple of weeks.
Hmm… interesting…

Will need to get into a little more well designed experimenting..perhaps diet?? but then, am yet to get it set down to some baseline yet… But one thing is sure the data(weekly) is inconclusive about exercising.. will continue for a couple more weeks and i only started recording (exercise) since 20th and weekly comes only till 26th..

Update: 04-Oct-2011.
Ok this doesn’t make any sense at all. rate of improvement speed games has actually fallen. Looks like the baseline has not yet been settled yet. So for the next couple of weeks or so only one game a day, till i get a flat line for weekly changes. Then begins the experimentation with diet and exercise intensity etc…

Update: 08-Oct-2011
Clearly speed goes up based on the time of the day. Mornings are faster compared to evenings

My favourite version of Base rate fallacy

This is my favourite version of writing out the Base rate fallacy and/or representativeness bias.

Why can’t more textbooks explain things in this format.Damn….
I wish i could find a comic that does the same to Math fields and theorems.
especially, without expecting prior knowledge from the reader.