Human cognition and Newton’s inertia

Have you ever noticed how the autowallas standing in the auto stand tend to ask extra bucks over the meter, compared to the ones already on the road? Makes me wonder if there’s an equivalent of Newton’s law of inertia in human reasoning/thinking too. Ofcourse this is just hand-wavy theory and needs to be justified with experimental data that conform to a partial differential equation. But may be it’s just the embodied cognition at work. i.e: perceived effort(of the autowalla) is higher because the extra force to overcome the initial physical inertia. In either case, i am about 80% confident that the p.d.e’s will model the phenomena reasonably well.

Moral: So what is the upshot of all this? Well, i definitely don’t want to put in the effort required to do all the data collection, analysis and modeling. But, wonder if i can see similar trends in my behaviour. Take the case of my running routine, when i look at my calendar, as long as i have given 1 day gap between the running days, i seem to keep the routine, but once i take a 2-day break, that’s it it becomes 4-days/ a week very easily.

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