T20 phenomena/effect..

I look at T20 scores and wonder whether they can be translated to 50-overs cricket. Take for example the case of RCB vs South Australia today, there were 419 runs scored in total in 40 overs for the loss of 10 wickets. Makes me wonder if 10-20 years down the line, there will be teams scoring 500 runs in 50 overs. or will 400 become the on par score. with 500 a possible highest score. We know 434 is not safe enough and might still be chased. This reminds me of my childhood. My cricket interest was slightly different from others in thesense that, throughout the match i will be calculating runs per ball/ runs required per ball. Especially during the chase. i.e: to say even when it was unlikely, it seemed possible to me because i was calculating rather than considering historical scores/ lost wickets/ experience of batsmen at crease etc.(the stuff the commentators usually go on about). Like fastest possible 50/100 will win the match and stuff.There are enough balls for both.

Cut back to the current day, there are T20s where that level of run-rate happens and goes on..Yuvraj hits six sixes in an over. One would expect i should be excited by these T20 matches and line up to watch them.. Funnily enough, i don’t even bother to watch the online streaming videos, which is the easiest form i can watch. I am still content looking at cricinfo scorecard and sometimes reading the commentary. Even more dampening is the fact, am not even following the schedule/every match. Merely, checking the scorecard when i feel bored.

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