Xmonad usage and effects on mouse skill

Ever since i have moved to XMonad, i have been using the keyboard a lot more often. I almost didn’t notice it,(given i preferred keyboard even before) but recently noticed that i seem to make more mistakes in moving the mouse to a location. I mean there are quite a few times i have clicked the mouse on the wrong menu. I initially i dismissed it as to being tired and late at night. But noticed in the day too. Perhaps, the most important change maybe that, i don’t use the mouse except when moving around on a video stream(youtube,vlc etc) or browsing around the web idly reading stuff.

Update: 14-Oct-2011:
Been on the gnome shell for the couple of days and realized one more thing. Xmonad+mouse is problematic in the case of windows that are a lot smaller than the others. Like a skype call window. the moment you move out of that small window area, your focus is in a different window.. so if you use the mouse to move between windows and then type, you have a jarring experience and if you also have a touchpad, god help you….