Laptop observations

About a week ago,My Laptop started becoming less responsive suddenly and spuriously(i.e: At unexpected,unpredictable occasions and passingly) , even though i hadn’t changed/touched it i thought it might be Xmonad and switched to Gnome Shell 2 days ago. Damn, what a fool i was.. No difference, except perhaps, me getting used to mousing and getting annoyed with Gnome3’s habit of bunching together similar windows and forcing me use mouse to switch focus across them. Anyways, the problem was before my eyes, and i had been blind. There had been this other issue of my LVM (non-system, i.e: not /home or /boot)disc failing on occasions for quite some time about a month or so. The error being read-only filesystem or unmountable partitions. And sometimes zero size partition while trying to mount or doing a fsck. I initially dismissed it as just an issue with the chord of the ext. hd being a little shakily connected and my typing on laptop upsetting it. I could not have been more wrong. It was a failing old hard disc reaching the end of life. with the help of google + serverfault search, i ran the smart monitor tools. and realized it’s failing. Now, am more careful about my data and backing it up. But i have to wait till i get a new hard disc. With my moving town and stuff, i it will be a couple of weeks.

Haskell –my observations

Just trying out haskell. For all the coolness and power of infinite lists, actual performance looks absymal. Just implemented the fibonacci series as a recursively defined infinite list. And running it with naive basic options takes a visibly long time. Clearly under-utilizing the CPU resources i have. But i guess, it’s not very surprising and i ought to try it with options for memoization and other stuff.
Am beginning to doubt in my obsession with haskell’s pattern-matching i have run into a bad case of tail-call recursion.
Update: I was wrong. it turns out tail-call recursion is actually good for performance. My prog was horrible because it repeated every fibonacci call twice…. Thanks to stackoverflow for pointing out my ignorance.