Windows 7– fuckups

Just trying out Windows 7 at my new company as it’s the supported default OS here. Changing the kb layout for an user should change the layout right after the username is selected for password. Damn windows doesn’t do that… Bloody thoughtless design… I mean, what’s the point of changing kb layout if i can’t use the new layout to type in my password and login???? ***#$@@#$@

And an even bigger fuck up perhaps is that it seems to pick up the right kb layout in case of locking the system ..Damn am never shutting down the system anymore..

Update 07-Nov-2011:
Other fuckups.
1. The authentication window assumes a default domain and displays it right below the username input box. But it’s non-editable. If you want to use a different domain you have to enter the in the username input field. Damn…. Me having never had used windows domains spent quite a lot of time wasting….how hard can it be to provide another input box for Domain name?? IE 8 on Windows xp does something different. it populates the domain extracted from the url. Interesting choice..
2. And no, don’t even get me started on authenticating for use in privileged mode. I have to type in my credentials every time i am trying to install stuff?? Damn it.. is it configurable somewhere to remember my credentials for a given amount of time… AFAIK no…

Lotus Notes Domino– web interface:
This one’s a classic. If you mistype the password in the mail page it fails obviously to say not authorized. The fuck-up is that the page doesn’t seem to clear the cookie. so whenever you visit the mail page again you get the same error message..

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