git peculiarity

So far my understanding of distributed versioning systems has been overly ideal. I had been believing that all the repos are equal and there’s no difference between master versus branches… Boy, was i wrong.. I just setup git server repo for the codebase(well moved from svn to git really…but..) Yep the git init –bare which is being used for creating the first repo on the git server creates a different directory structure….
— branches
— config
— description
— hooks
— info
— objects
— refs

Boy reminds me of the svn directory structure on the server copy…. Now i know, why they say the more things change, the more they stay the same……

Cost-center vs Profit center

I don’t know how a MBA level course would differentiate between a cost-center and a profit-center, but i would define based on the drive/motivation of the majority people on the unit.

If it’s to maximise profits it’s a profit centre and if it’s to reduce costs, it’s a cost-centre. Now this leads to some interesting combinations. like being in an off-shore development centre, i am part of a cost centre at the client’s company, while at the offshore company that am an employee of every billed hour is a profit. So am at a profit-centre…

Or so goes the theory… In practice, it comes down to the mindset of the people you work with/ones who are managers right above you. It comes down to their view of the world and it’s future as zero-sum game or non-zero sum game. I personally prefer to play a non-zero sum game, and have found that when i end up working for someone who plays a zero-sum game, am miserable… Infact, you can simplify all my job switches to that factor. The question then becomes what’s the average time it takes for me to figure out whether someone’s playing a zero-sum game or a non-zero sum game. And how can i Reduce that…
Now there’s one more part to it that i am missing in that simplification… That’s you almost always work in a team/group of people and rarely with 1/2 people/manager.
And almost always, there’s that weighting given in the decision-making process to different people in different ratios… The net will be a weighted sum, which is not the same as one manager’s attitude…

So far i would guess it takes about 30-50 conversations over a minimum period of 3-5 weeks. But that’s just a guess based on empirical experiences in the past. Note i said experiences not data.



Looking at this after so much time, it reads like an incoherent rant. But that’s because

svn/Central repository

One of the downsides of svn vs git (perhaps central vs distributed versioning itself??) is that when you delete a file from a local copy1 of a repo. and then update the local copy2 it doesn’t delete the file. Even if the file hasn’t changed. I can understand if the local copy2 has changed the file but, even if it hasn’t changed??? Come on…. that’s a bad design… Maybe because it’s a centralized repository?? On second thoughts, no even that doesn’t make sense. Even if it’s a centralized repo you do have a backup of the file in a previous revision right?? So what’s the point of not deleting it in the local copy… it just creates extra work for the developer really…

And really ..WTF is this error message…??
svn: warning: Tree conflicts can only be resolved to ‘working’ state; ‘misc/’ not resolved

Please.. this is enforcing policy not providing mechanism.

And wtf is with svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: ‘/home/XXxXXXX/workspace/DemandMedia/css/trunk/pyne2/misc/’ is scheduled for addition, but is missing
….Really??? why do you care. it’s anyways supposed to be deleted.. and you are expected to have a copy.anyway it’s not the same as if you delete you can’t get it back………


The more time i spend at work, on filling up timesheets and basically accounting for the work i do, the more i see messed up management practices borrowed from theories that were developed for the work environments during the industrial revolution and look like caveman’s club for work in the information/knowledge workers field….

Damn, i might have to go for an MBA after all…

Chrome open sockets

Google chrome’s debug options net-internals is awesome go to chrome://net-internals and it spills the guts of the networking chrome handles and maintains. Just noticed a facebook and cricinfo socket open. I have closed the cricinfo site about a minute ago,but it’s still open…hmm.. And facebook.. wtf?? I am not on facebook and haven’t been to the site in a loooong time.. clearly this is from some like button somewhere on some site……Damn it… i now want to disable this shit… Probably we should start calculating carbon credits for these persistent, ubiquitous features that websites develop….

Auditory expectation vs Auditory hallucination.

It’s amazing how much the mind works based on expectation.. having been listening to music most of the day today, the moment i take a break, come back and put on the headphones my brain simulates/hallucinates/whatever term the music… In reality the player was paused so there was no music being played. Ofcourse this happened only for a couple 100 milliseconds(just to be clear am not suffering from schizophrenia)