Outlook web access

Damn it… i have to use MS Outlook’s web access for emails. And their UI has to be the most Condescending of all. It doesn’t allow me to save a draft with wrong email addressses. I want to do that because i am new to this UI design and don’t want to accidentally send the message, while tabbing and hitting return accidentally…. But no it won’t let me do that. Damn you outlook UI Designers…

And sending a message with a blank subject doesn’t pop up a message to confirm either… Damn it….

And when i copy a url embedded in their email it gets copied with the inbox url prepended to it…. WTF??

Oh and found one more example of the compromise based in “the principle of least surprise” UI principle. In the login box the buttons are in the order Cancel, login. Now that’s a break from the tradition. I know that’s also used in cases where there’s some windows system administration level change is involved. But in the case of outlook web access, it’s a lot more unclear. It’s a PITA for hardcore KB-centric users as they tend to hit the return after entering login name and password. On the other hand for the usual mouse-centric users, it might be slightly more helpful. Especially in that case where they have the password stored and just hit enter to login, but use the mouse to cancel. Clearly that’s either the majority of outlook web access or atleast the UI designers think so.

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Ok.. i just saw the full web access version.. and kinda like it.. it definitely doesn’t have the no filter issue.. guess this first emotion is just a reaction to previous expectations set.. let’s see..