Annoying ubuntu updates

Ubuntu seems set on course to notorierty for hasty, non-production ready patches. Running apt-get upgrade causes python pickle module to fail. Because there’s some module missing.. Damn, ubuntu i don’t have time to find out why and how of that stuff.. Bye,bye i’ll just build python from source and use that instead…

UPDATE 06-Mar-2012: It’s official. Am never running a ubuntu update again and never installing a new ubuntu machine anymore. Nor am i going to install Fedora. Any new installations on any machines will be either CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Arch Linux etc…
I run a ubuntu apt-get upgrade a little absent-minded about ubuntu’s tendency to break things it screws up the java installation on which my client’s VPN(juniper, don’t ask, that’s another big f** up s/w) runs. And spfffftt half a day gone, before i can become productive again……
Vow no: 1. Dennis Ritchie was right. You can never trust software that you did not write yourself.
Vow no: 2. By the end of this Fiscal year’s Q1/Q2(if you’re american) am out of ubuntu altogether and on debian/arch linux.

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