The more time i spend at work, on filling up timesheets and basically accounting for the work i do, the more i see messed up management practices borrowed from theories that were developed for the work environments during the industrial revolution and look like caveman’s club for work in the information/knowledge workers field….

Damn, i might have to go for an MBA after all…

Chrome open sockets

Google chrome’s debug options net-internals is awesome go to chrome://net-internals and it spills the guts of the networking chrome handles and maintains. Just noticed a facebook and cricinfo socket open. I have closed the cricinfo site about a minute ago,but it’s still open…hmm.. And facebook.. wtf?? I am not on facebook and haven’t been to the site in a loooong time.. clearly this is from some like button somewhere on some site……Damn it… i now want to disable this shit… Probably we should start calculating carbon credits for these persistent, ubiquitous features that websites develop….