Blog resolution

Am beginning to get tired of writing half-assed, badly written 2-3 lines of posts here regularly…. Ofcourse, I can’t afford to write detailed blog posts daily, but i have hit the saturation point for writing these short comments and stuff here.. So My new resolution is to write a blog post every week… Strike that, make it write a blog article(>2000? words) once every week….. The microblogging here… may or may not continue, but this is my target going forward…. I think i should start with going through old posts and expanding on one of them… That seems to be a reasonable place to start, as there’s indeed a challenge about where to start otherwise…

Oh and one more thing, i would like it to be well formatted and so would prefer latex.. But haven’t yet figured out how to configure that with wordpress.. Maybe i should learn html afterall..

Update 18-Dec-2011:
Was not sure whether i could keep my promise or not, but finally made it… Posted one on Anna Hazare. Made it just over 1000 words.. Phew.. writing is such hard work, i never knew… always was happy writing when and what i feel like…. This one has taken me half a day(i.e:3-4 hrs, work day he..he..) The choice is rather not what i had in mind, but it’s kinda like a social experiment. To see how many views and comments i get, if i write about a current hot topic. Infact the title for the post is a surefire link bait.:-P If there are a lot of comments, it would be interesting to see the tone they take and how they interpret the article.:-)

Update 19-Dec-2011:
Given the disclaimers i have put up on the post, i doubt there would be comments, as there isn’t much to argue about. But it would be interesting to see the number of hits and the hits on outbound links.. i would like to have that javascript running to see how much was read, but wordpress doesn’t allow me.. darn it…

Update 27-Dec-2011:
Well another weekend came and went and no post.. Infact i was on vacation for 4 days and had lots and lots of time on my hand…And did not forget to write either.. Just failed to find the motivation to sit for a couple of hours. The last post on Anna Hazare took me close to 5 hrs. But that’s not the worst part.. The worst part, that post still left me with an unsatisfied feeling of not having done thorough research on the topic… Couple that with the lukewarm response to that post– that explains the lack of motivation for another post.. let’s see how it unfolds over this week..

Update 19-Mar-2012:
Ok, long time.. and i haven’t stuck to the resolution. Or rather i have stuck to it, but have cheated..After all re-posting someone else’s post with comments doesn’t count. Moral of the story, it’s impossible to have rules, without me cheating. Anyway, last 5-6 months, i have averaged 100 views a month(Not a big number i guess) and i have now decided am simply going to raise the standard for the content i publish. No i don’t mean, i won’t post content, but rather from next month, i will wait till my articles’ content quality has increased over a couple of re-writings and references. Note, i didn’t say anything about how i measure quality. This time am purposefully making a vague resolution. Most likely, this won’t work either and i’ll have to come back and choose a level of resolution with ambiguity somewhere in between these two.

2 thoughts on “Blog resolution

  1. Thanks…. I know my punctuation and formatting, are shot.. am trying out alternatives to the browser editor and using vim on terminal at the moment… that’s why …. will figure out some alternative…

    Reg. Stamina: This one post every weekend is an attempt to test motivation and stamina… Let’s see…



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