vim addiction

Have been trying out gedit for the last couple of days for my code editing as against my usual vim.. And it’s been a bad taste..don’t think it’s inherent to gedit, but more towards my not knowing all the kb shortcuts and relying on mouse movement… The problem with vim is multiple tabs are not as useful?? really?? I think i just need to get used to multiple tab usage in vim…

Anyways, was reading steve yegge’s old rant on xemacs.(

He talks about how some of the users come to live in the emacs environment… Am beginning to realize that’s true of vim for me….And perhaps chrome…

But me being the mouse UI hater, am still not sure about chrome …but very sure of vim…

Although, one thing i find annoying about vim is the script of vimL language…very annoying, still mystic to me.. and i have a (perhaps irrational) feal of tweaking it will break it attitude..

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