CLI Love??

The more i get used to CLI/keyboard centric UI.. i.e: vim instead of gedit,
xmonad instead of gnome etc.. the more i realize one of the reasons for it is the rate at which these options change.. Atleast in ubuntu gnome the option for saving the gnome session has changed again…. I am tired of going to the menu and expecting to find something under something and finding that it’s gone somewhere else…. Damn….

I really am going to make it a new year resolution to use Xmonad + vim as my dev box setup.. Perhaps i should also give up modern browsers and go to elinks?? For mail i already am familiar with mutt.. Though the damned Notes mail at my paymaster wouldn’t work except on a browser or a Notes client… Darn…
And the IT team is not interested in finding a linux client either… Darn…. And people ask me why do i get so agitated about what others do wrong…. Heck i don’t care… I just want my IT team to support linux….I don’t care that most of my colleagues use windows.. i don’t care that they are happy with a very perfunctory knowledge of their Development environment.. And Hell i don’t care that they make oversimplifications.. and my managers jump to causal conclusions at the sniff of some correlation…… I don’t care that they don’t pause to consider base rate fallacy or statistical power or god forbid sampling bias….

But i care about being productive. I care about getting my job done.. I care about getting it done as efficient as i can. i care about getting it done as good as i can.. and if any of this comes in the way….. I do get agitated and I won’t apologize for that….

But as i grow older, I do realize that getting agitated is no more effective than taking poison and waiting for the enemy to die…. Heck, i will do social hacking.. I don’t enjoy it.. I know it’s as dangerous for me to do it as it is drink and fly a plane, but hell planes are safe in the hangar but that’s not what they are made for…..*

*– Interesting metaphor.. should probably elaborate on it some time later…..perhaps the weekend blog post???

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