Cabal Haskell unrecognized world-file

looks like cabal haskell’s package manager doesn’t like to be moved around or i am messing with different versions..
I had in a fit of youthful rebellion combined the home folder between my fedora and ubuntu box… merging and replacing files and folders at will…
Result whenever i run cabal install i get a warning… i open the config file and realize there are a lot of references to the old username…damn…
i change it, but i still get the warning
Warning: /home/anandjeyahar/.cabal/config: Unrecognized field world-file on
line 15

Hmm.. wonder what’s the problem??

Ok it seems an awful lot of people visit this post, so i’ll just put up this solution i found from googling.

cabal –config-file=”path/to/config”