Amazon prime

Reading Jason Calacanis’ mail about amazon prime and how it’s going to put lots of people working in retail out of jobs, i realized one thing. Uh..Oh you are forgetting something in your enthusiasm Jason…
You say the reason retail store experience is bad is bitter baby boomer generation people and teenagers. It should scare you if they are out of jobs. Guess why, they will migrate to jobs as being the delivery man and they will be the ones delivering your shipped products ordered via amazon Prime.

So as they say be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all. As for why that should scare you, i leave it to your imagination. They now know your address, where you live and what time you’re home.:-P

P.S/Disclaimer/whatever: Personally the idea of not having to go to the retail store to buy these FMCG goods appeal to me. Phew…If only amazon had this service in India.

Types of people

There are 10 types of people in the world.
1. Those who understand that every verbal communication is a model based on symbolic representation and therefore, some set of approximations.
0. Those who don’t understand it, and believe the world and what they speak/communicate verbally match to a T.

Blog viewership changes

I have been looking at incoming traffic to my blog and noticed a couple of trends.Here’s a summary of the last few months:
Total views so far 1248
Aug 2011 :45
Sep 2011 :105
October 2011 :104
November 2011 :71
December 2011 :201
Jan. 2012(so far):42

Now, before this time period the traffic has been low,(surprisingly there have been a couple of months with hits.>50 though the last time was in 2009) mostly because i wasn’t blogging regularly. Now within this period, the surge coincides more or less with my switch to vim as my primary editor and the wordpress blogging plugin i discovered on github.
The sudden peak in December boils down to one week, when i commented on some american blog jpl consulting and that drove my max hits in a day 47. Now the interesting part to me is the Jan.2012 one. It’s still a surge given the history. My first guess is it’s because of my enrolment with twitter rss updates from wp to twitter. Let’s see…. But also this new year i have started to promise a long blog post a week and have kept it for two weeks now.. Let’s see whether that changes anything.