Amazon prime

Reading Jason Calacanis’ mail about amazon prime and how it’s going to put lots of people working in retail out of jobs, i realized one thing. Uh..Oh you are forgetting something in your enthusiasm Jason…
You say the reason retail store experience is bad is bitter baby boomer generation people and teenagers. It should scare you if they are out of jobs. Guess why, they will migrate to jobs as being the delivery man and they will be the ones delivering your shipped products ordered via amazon Prime.

So as they say be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all. As for why that should scare you, i leave it to your imagination. They now know your address, where you live and what time you’re home.:-P

P.S/Disclaimer/whatever: Personally the idea of not having to go to the retail store to buy these FMCG goods appeal to me. Phew…If only amazon had this service in India.

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