Blog viewership changes

I have been looking at incoming traffic to my blog and noticed a couple of trends.Here’s a summary of the last few months:
Total views so far 1248
Aug 2011 :45
Sep 2011 :105
October 2011 :104
November 2011 :71
December 2011 :201
Jan. 2012(so far):42

Now, before this time period the traffic has been low,(surprisingly there have been a couple of months with hits.>50 though the last time was in 2009) mostly because i wasn’t blogging regularly. Now within this period, the surge coincides more or less with my switch to vim as my primary editor and the wordpress blogging plugin i discovered on github.
The sudden peak in December boils down to one week, when i commented on some american blog jpl consulting and that drove my max hits in a day 47. Now the interesting part to me is the Jan.2012 one. It’s still a surge given the history. My first guess is it’s because of my enrolment with twitter rss updates from wp to twitter. Let’s see…. But also this new year i have started to promise a long blog post a week and have kept it for two weeks now.. Let’s see whether that changes anything.

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