Overrated django

I think django is overrated for developers… the templating system is inconsistent…
And worse, doesn’t give a clue as to figure out the problem.. there are sometimes when you change the form and the template system still just ignores the new fields.. no idea why/what to do.. even a restart of the dev server doesn’t work…..guess googling and filtering through a lot of the drivel will get an answer.. but it really is an annoying amount of work for something that seems so intuitive..

And more mess from django, this time inspired by Relational SQL see here . The reason/explanation given for won’t fix is very casual and assumes a highly normalized database design. Turns out, real life ain’t that perfect with tables and relations so very clearly defined.

I don’t know what am supposed to damn for this, the dogmatic relational model whose chosen tradeoffs doesn’t make much sense in today’s cheaply available storage media or the set of compulsive habits, picked up by programmers(including me) following and depending on the relational model. And as the outrage subsides, quiet despair settles in sneakily…

Software Development–introspection

The more i get into quick s/w development the more i realize that one of the necessary conditions in s/w product development has become that of minimal state in the mind/memory(STM)….And naturally wonder if that has anything to do with the cultural differences between asian vs american cultures… it’s rather known that american culture is the least context dependant,..
Wonder if that’s the reason Indian s/w companies are more into consultancy works than product development..

Cricinfo article on Ishant

Just finished reading cricinfo article by sidhart monga here And my first reaction, what a waste of time,energy and attention.. The article doesn’t state anything concrete, doesn’t take a stance, pretends to analyze something, puts up a quote by Ricky ponting(& Shane Warne) and a quote from a couple of weeks older article…

End result… article that leaves you frustrated….Ishant Sharma can be excused if on reading the article he reacted “Just get off my back and find something else or piss off..”

Anyway, i would point anyone in Ishant’s state to this talk on TED by Elizabeth Gilbert.. particularly the last couple of minutes..