programming language mix-up

I don’t know why or how i still mix-up both C and python usages…i.e: Just tried to use python’s global keyword like i would in C. Declaring global and then trying to use the variable throughout the module…in different functions….It’s amazing i still think of it that way, considering how i never professionally program using C.. Once out of college, my only touch with C was timepass trying small programs from blog posts…. Darn,, i wasted about a couple of hours on this..

In retrospect, i can be excused… After all throughout my career i have been through atleast about 3 languages(Baan script,presentation script,python not to mention ones i started programming with C,C++, java) so far and my professional programming career is only 5 years old(not to mention with a break)… That’s to ignore that i have been through 3 natural languages too… I guess, it’s too much to ask of my brain…Perhaps only more than what most people ask of..either way am cool with it..

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