Reading modes

1. Quick skim to glean the basic hypothesis of the article/text
2. Careful read to check the logical consistency
3. Extra careful read to see if it’s well-writter(usually, a function of brevity and coherence)
4. Editor mode.. look at spells, grammar, punctuation.. actually read out aloud etc..

I mostly indulge 1 or 2. Am trying to reduce the mode1 reading and increase mode 3 reading.
Let’s see.

Chennai Impressions — part II

has been a big revelation. Am seeing things in a very different light. More
cynical, more objective. Today some propaganda playing some song here.
Few observations:
Rheoteric involves
1. Presenting correlation as causality
2. Overwrought metaphors
3. Meme/idea/thought Repetition

While the ADMK, seems to take a more communist/socialist approach, the DMK seems to take the “Tamil”, self-respect, authoritarianism approach.