Leaky abstractions and natural language.

It just struck me. Most of our natural language communication is based on a set of abstractions(leaky ones at that) that are put together to represent a huge opinion poll out of different systems see here. . No wonder there’s a huge group of people claiming 80-90% of communication is non-verbal… we use the non-verbal signals to determine the level of leakage in verbal abstractions (aka symbols)

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Theory vs practice

Hmm.. suddenly realizin’ that i have tried to separate theory vs practice as much as possible in my life.. that it might have caused my schizoid personality… Beginning to think perhaps i try to work the opposite direction..
i.e see both the trees and the forest..or rather more like switch between trees vs forest at a higher frequency..

Linkedin’s behaviour trick

i don’t know whether it was by design or not, but linkedin’s connections viewed your profile keeps changing the time frequency between (1 week,past 15 days and a month).
The side effect of it is that there are times i click on it thinking there has been a new visitor. Ofcourse there wasn’t, the number count changed only because the frequency changed, by whatever linkedin algorithm uses.
Anyway, the real reason this is beginning to annoy me is that facebook used to do tricks like these.. can’t remember specifically which, but they used to use tricks that entice you into clicking/reading/generally spending more time on their site.. Ultimately i ended up quitting facebook, when i realized it became a huge time sink. In contrast i kinda like linkedin, and don’t want it to go that way….
Infact one thing, that helped me let go fb easily was the absence of recommendations from friends. Infact the only reason am holding on to my orkut account is the same..
Either way i think google plus misses a trick by not putting up one of those options..

Documentation as a deciding factor

Using the availability/non-availability of good documentation as a deciding factor to choose your library is not a universal rule..It’s a good rule of thumb, but not always meaningful. It’s meaningful only in cases where you expect quite a lot of developers using that library to extend your application/tool. Just realizing going with fabric for a ssh connection pooling library(bcoz it had a nice Documentation) is pointless.. it’s seems to have trouble handling thread-safe sessions..

letting go

What do you do when you realize you have a chronic condition/problem in letting go? (i.e: when you realize that you have a tendency to never leave the past alone and an OCD to recall what your masters’ thesis guide would have said/actually said, what your ex-startup boss would have said/said, what your ex-colleagues said/would have said..) You sigh, accept it and learn to manage it. You learn that you do ruminate not just food, but thought past experiences, thoughts actions etc..

What do you do, you shrug, learn how to manage it.. easy to say… but these lessons are harder to learn……. for a couple of reasons
1. They are very intrinsic nature, and whatever people have tried to talk about have been biased by their metaphors.
2. It is vague and general enough to be a Research/subject area of itself on it’s own. Heck, i guess it would even take Marvin(the paranoid android) a long time get to some useful conclusions..

Well, you can also do another thing, start thinking about your mindspace/attention as an asset(much like money) and watch how you use it?? i.e the metaphors you are using..like this article on money.