Where Does Life Come From?


In this lecture Dr Zita Martins was charged with answering two questions: “How did life start on Earth?” and “Are we alone in the universe?”.

She failed to answer either question.

But that maybe a little harsh. Zita is a young Portuguese professor with a very impressive sounding CV. She’s a multilingual, multi-disciplinary astrobiologist.
Her aim is to push forward our understanding of how life began on Earth; more specifically, whether the ingredients necessary prior to the formation of the most basic lifeforms were present on the Earth or came from somewhere else.
She gave a brief overview of previous work in the area, and rubbished the Miller-Urey experiment as the conditions they used to generate their amino acids were not at all like the conditions on the Earth when we believe life was formed; she drew attention to the most likely energy source being UV light whereas theirs was simulated…

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Easiest and hardest classes to teach

This explains a great deal about, why I enjoyed differential equations better and hated stats courses. I always have trouble ignoring ambiguity and focussing on the method to get results. Sigh..fancy, my life would have been better otherwise.(note:it’s just a fantasy, I have no way of testing it.) My guide would have called it global vs local..textsuperscript{8}
Anyway, finally learning to focus on what I can do? And let everything else be dealt with as they come.:-)
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8- http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheEndeavour/~3/8PleElTGO20/