Not Normal

Alright. am not normal. Go ahead sue me. Not normal if there’s an objective study of whatever measure you want to try am either very low or very high. A statistical outlier. And by your subjective definition no way… infact just knowing your subjective definition of normal, makes me wanna become an outlier, just for the sake of freaking you out.. But guess what, i can pretend to be normal. If you want to talk about normal go and read the wikipedia page. After that think about how the concept fits into whatever topic you were trying to use normal adjective about. Then come we’ll discuss whether or not the normality concept is useful in that context.

It takes effort on my part to do so. Because
1. To figure out a boundary condition of your subjective idea of normal
2. To convince myself that i believe in that or to make sure my actions are consistent with those beliefs.

Do notice how much effort and work that looks like? That’s why i am a loner. To be anything other than that, i’ll have to follow those 2 steps. I really find that too costly and more importantly unhealthy in any reasonably long timespan. Not to mention meaningless and not even a break-even ROI.

P.S: Sometimes i really wish i had Asperger’s Syndrome. Then i have a good excuse for not being polite and civil to annoying people. Not to mention i might have some savant skill.

P.P.S: For all you extroverts, who want to chirp in with a smart comment, when strangers are having a discussion, piss off. Unless of course, you want me to make your world weirder by confusing the crap out of you. Just shut up and go away, i don’t enjoy out of context comments from strangers and might bite you one day for commenting.

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