PG at pycon

Listening to Paul Graham speaking on PyCon.. first observation, he’s clearly not a spontaneous speaker.. Just notice the amount of uhmm.. he says…
It’s a prepared speech, with notes, so it’s weird, especially, if you are more used to reading his blogs. I wonder how deliberate/ self-aware he’s on the stage?? He punctuates every sentence with a uh..umm… sometimes he’s indeed spontaneous..

I guess part of it attributed to the distinction Venkatesh rao makes here(can’t find link,perhaps this?? ) about him being a thinker first and then a writer.

Next Google — Well am already using blekko more often.

That reminds me of what venkatesh rao’s ribbon farm mentions about PG being a thinking first writer.
Dinosaur egg– Well… may be..

Messaging protocol– that sounds a lot like trust protocol.. Something where a set of control groups of access control lists with priority mails??

Universities — Well, one of the mistake is relative grading, that never challenged people like me.and instead let me breeze along half-assing. getting me stuck in terms

Hollywood– ok this part he sounds like honest and spontaneous where he talks about.Also, am tired of the nature of most of entertainment… interactive entertainment is gonna attract me.. the 3D movies seem to make me want to go to the theatre..
And even there a 2-3 hr timeline is still painful… but i can live with that for the sake of 3D movies…

New Apple:
Well, really?? not sure how that works out.. i have never been a fan of apple, never got that… so can’t comment much about it… and don’t think, we can have a product visionary like steve jobs, someone taking up the problem, has tougher problems.. Remember the reality distortion field? i think that’s going to be a lot harder in the current generation..Obviously missed the Augustus joke..

Moore’s law:
A library?? for compiler targeting multi-processors.. And more i think about it, it’s will be just a huge very hard and mess with talking to multiple processor architectures..

Humans idea was interesting.. .marketplace…and writing bots to replace humans to optimize…Got love that craziness..

Ongoing Diagnosis:
That sounds the least craziest idea of all.. i don’t mind iterating especially the pig-heart disease + sausage idea…
Cancer– Radars??
fishing expedition in medicine?? well, am not against it a lot.. i know there’ll be a lot of false positives… but i think it would be ok…

Like the tactic though. something to the west.. i’ll sail westwards.. there’s something to the fractal math/curve am moving towards..

making a Bachelor’s Degree a distributed model much like ph.d is interesting, but sounds backward.. though i guess it makes sense in a way, that’s probably because of the rich, multiple,drowning information-filled, exhausting world we live in…
And i love it because, i was sick of my professor’s within about 5 minutes of 1-on-1 talks with them. True, i was being naive and ridiculously ambitious and all that, but those few 5-minute talks shaped my career choices and to think that by the end of first year, i had given up on learning anything from professors and had spent most of my time reading in the library, is something worrying.

UPDATE: PG wrote a piece about speaking vs writing here it is. I have to say, i agree with most of it. I find that am more precise in my communications when i am writing. When i speak, there’s this awkwardness of silence, that forces one to say something or the other(even if it doesn’t make sense). I am beginning to learn to manage that in public speeches(note, i rarely give public speeches), but in conversations, it seems to be a problem still.

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