Am a fucking introvert
that means, i don’t want more interaction,
that means, if you’re a stranger, stop making irrelevant comments,
that means, unless we have met, stick to the business we are discussing,
fucking stop the extraneous comments, taunting,teasing etc..
Stranger —
that means, i don’t know your base rates of comments/patterns,

that means, anything you say is a new dataset, that requires a lot of processing,to get to the truth of,
that means, stick to the point, and don’t bullshit, lest i think you’re a salesman.
that means, if you don’t know what you are talking about, fucking learn, do your basic research,
that means, expect me to have done the basic research already and have formed a fucking opinion on the topic.

It does not mean, i like to sit in a corner and just think,
It does not mean, i hate people,
It does not mean, i think implicit is better than explicit,
It does not mean, i hate interacting with people,
It just means, i like to have a upper limit of my people interactions.:-)

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