Reductionism   this is why I don’t believe in love… or to be precise, I don’t do as many things as most people do in the name of love…:-)

This is a response to a comment requesting elaboration. Here goes. I believe mind/brain is a phenomena that came out(am trying avoid the word emergent here) of a lot many layers of physical processes we understand (Quarks,electrons,ions,dna,cells,neurons,brain areas,hormone system,endocrine system etc.).
To quote, some recent(therefore not widely accepted/replicated studies:
There have been studies on perceived attractiveness(aka love at first sight) that indicate a correlation between anxiety and attractiveness rating.

Love on the other hand is a widely(read carelessly) used term in today’s world. I guess why so many people use it from the context, but whenever i have it’s always felt like social mimicking and nothing more. I am biased, but that’s one reason i concluded that may be it’s like one of those rare outlier cases in statistics. Most cases of reported love, i contend would be just regular,convenient, comfortable transactions with a pinch of delusions of specialness that create the need to report/call it love.