effects of vipassana


Disclaimer: Despite using effect in the title, i don’t propose or argue a cause-effect relationship. It’s just observation of some subjectively observed correlations.

Some of the behavioural changes/effects i have observed in me after i took up the 10 day experiment in vipassana meditation.

  1. In conversation, i notice it quick when they heat up. i.e: when shouting begins and am tempted to start shouting louder(thereby escalating the irrationality and transcending it into a debate).

  2. I have started using the breath-monitoring to regain my rationality.i.e: whenever i notice am getting agitated/excited.

  3. I have become more aware of the difference between visceral reactions/changes. i.e: when i react to some decision or news with physiological symptoms.

  4. My auditory senses seem to have become more sensitive than they were. I always thought myself as just a visual person, but now realizing/discovering new auditory distinctions i didn’t know i could perceive.

anand jeyahar

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