HclStore fuckups

Never use hclstore.in to buy anything. They are a non-functioning organization. Here’s why:
1. Once you order(on 7th of april) you get an email invoice that has all the columns(order no,,date,name etc…) but all empty. Their invoice generation program is broken.
2. If you call up the sales team,(on 9th of april).they assure me it will be shipped within 7-12 working days.
3. I check the card statement(around 15th of April)  and find it has not been billed. So assume it’s a failed order (even though the account still shows a successful order and shrug. stupid me should have called up the bank and cancelled the transaction.)
4. Month end arrives and i see i have been billed on 18th of April for the first EMI.So I call up the sales team, they redirect you to some invoice team no, which seems unmanned. i.e: nobody picks up
5. I ask the sales team how do i cancel, and they say send a mail. I do so (30th April).No reply(as on 2nd May). Now am stuck. I guess this is one of those cases where, i’ll have to go to the consumer court to reverse the transaction. Darn it…. stupid me..
6. I called up the only number i could reach and he says, it’s up to the logistics department. they can’t do anything because the order is not in their system. i say okay, just transfer me to your logistics department, don’t ask me to hang up and call another number. He ignores and says, sir you’ve sent an email right, they will cancel.just send another email, i ask how many times i have to do that and he hangs up.. SOB.. hangs up on me ..$%#&$

7. I send an email to hclstore.in on(30th April and  2nd may) about cancelling the order and reminding them. No response

8. And I send another reminder mail with a link to this blog post and cc it to brand@hcl.in today(03-May-2012). Finally they call up from the logistics department telling me the courier guy could not deliver it whenever he tried and asking me if the address is right. I tell them, am not interested anymore and can you please cancel the order. Ofcourse, they apologise for the delay deeply and ask if they can make up for it by giving a gift of a pair of external speakers(worth 3k). I say, no thank you, i have gotten ahead and got a laptop already, so i don’t need an extra one. Please cancel the order.  They confirm i have sent an email and promise to do the same and call me back tommorrow.

Phew…. It feels like a huge relieving victory. And as much of a relief as it  is from the anxiety over the last month, it concerns me that i have to jump through so many hoops to just get something that i think should be called basic business etiquette.


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