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I liked the terms of use used by daniel lemire. so using them on mine too.


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sony ericsson service

This time this is a problem with Sony Ericsson’s service center. Here are the sequence of events:

1. I accidentally dropped my sony ericsson neo V phone.   (from about a meter height)

2. The touch screen stopped working.

3. I took it to the service centre and was told it needed a new touch screen.

4. I asked about warranty and was told, since it is physical damage it is not covered.*

5. Asked for a quote i was told it would be Rs. 4000.

6.  I agreed, removed my SIM card and memory card and gave the phone to them.

7. I got back a work order SE312CO110934

8. I was told it would be done in 2 weeks(All of these on July 23rd 2012 ) and they will let me know.

9.  I come back switch to my old phone(which is luckily functioning) and forget about it for some time.

10. I call back the service center on 9th August 2012(note more than two weeks already). And i am told it is not fixed yet, but will be by that weekend.

11. I skip that weekend because i was busy and can’t make it next saturday either . since that monday is also a holiday i take half a day off from my office and go on Tuesday(today, 21 – August-2012).

12 . They tell me it is not done yet, because they could not get the spare parts.  It’s almost a month. Am told to complain to the number given in the work order. Am also told they will call me back once it’s done.  Damn it.


I rest my case…



I write this post and send an email with a link and SR number.


I finally get a call saying my mobile phone is ready. It has been fixed and i can pick it up.

*– I found it a bad condition on it’s own. I can understand above some level of physical damage. but seriously you don’t think your phones can survive even an accidental drop from a workplace table??

Fractals vs S/w programs

I have been trynig to read Fractal geometry since the start of this year(perhaps a couple of months earlier). Have been too lazy/distracted, but manage to pick it up about once a month or so.
I picked up the Fractal geometry book again, went through the basics of measure theory(which is where i was the last time i picked it up). First thought ok let’s apply these prerequisites for measures to measures, you already know are being used and see if they obey the conditions. (Length,weight both apply. ok now find something from s/w engg. you are a programmer not a physicist) Lines of code(LOC). Ok it obeys all three rules.

1.$ measure of null set == 0
2. measure of A1 >= measure of A2 if A2 is a subset of A1
3. measure of union of A1,A2,A3….An == sum of measures of A1,A2,A3…An

Now the lines of code metric does obey all these rules, i can see why it appeals to so many people. The hidden trick, the last rule gets tricky. how do you account for builtin libraries and their lines of code?? Then it struck me, you can get different LOC by calling some libraries builtin and not Lines of code. and more importantly, in terms of functions(not just code,but feature sets, or as in function point analysis,) the LOC varies. it all comes down to what level of abstraction you choose for your functions. And in that sense, sometimes programs can have a fractional dimension. And exactly in that sense programs are fractals. That means there needs to be level of self-similarity within a program/software. And the best programs/sw are the ones that have some self-similarity but also provide rich variations like Julia and Mandelbrot set as opposed to Serpinski triangle or cantor set.