sony ericsson service

This time this is a problem with Sony Ericsson’s service center. Here are the sequence of events:

1. I accidentally dropped my sony ericsson neo V phone.   (from about a meter height)

2. The touch screen stopped working.

3. I took it to the service centre and was told it needed a new touch screen.

4. I asked about warranty and was told, since it is physical damage it is not covered.*

5. Asked for a quote i was told it would be Rs. 4000.

6.  I agreed, removed my SIM card and memory card and gave the phone to them.

7. I got back a work order SE312CO110934

8. I was told it would be done in 2 weeks(All of these on July 23rd 2012 ) and they will let me know.

9.  I come back switch to my old phone(which is luckily functioning) and forget about it for some time.

10. I call back the service center on 9th August 2012(note more than two weeks already). And i am told it is not fixed yet, but will be by that weekend.

11. I skip that weekend because i was busy and can’t make it next saturday either . since that monday is also a holiday i take half a day off from my office and go on Tuesday(today, 21 – August-2012).

12 . They tell me it is not done yet, because they could not get the spare parts.  It’s almost a month. Am told to complain to the number given in the work order. Am also told they will call me back once it’s done.  Damn it.


I rest my case…



I write this post and send an email with a link and SR number.


I finally get a call saying my mobile phone is ready. It has been fixed and i can pick it up.

*– I found it a bad condition on it’s own. I can understand above some level of physical damage. but seriously you don’t think your phones can survive even an accidental drop from a workplace table??

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