terms of use

I liked the terms of use used by daniel lemire. so using them on mine too.


General disclaimers:

  1. This blog is a non-commercial site.  I do not charge anyone to access any part of the blog. All of the content is made available under a Creative Commons licence to facilitate free reuse. However, I reserve the right to profit financially from this blog, on a cost-recovery basis. Hence, this blog may contain ads (though they will be clearly labelled as such). However, the purpose, the raison d’être, of this blog is not financial gain.
  2. This blog is under my sole responsibility and it is not affiliated in any way with my employer or one of my clients. Do not sue my employer or my clients. Since I am quite poor, do not even bother suing anyone, just stop reading me.

The following rules apply when you post a comment on my blog:

  1. In the comment form, the URL field is for personal URLs only (blogs and home pages). You can leave the field blank.
  2. Your message may include a link to a commercial URL, but only if it is relevant to your comment and my post. For example, if you want to point me to a product that may solve a given problem, you may include a link to the product page. However, answering a post on database theory by a comment containing a URL to a pregnancy pill Web site is spamming.
  3. Your name and the content of the comment should not contain keywords. Your name should be either your real name or a sensible nickname, and your comment should be in proper French or English.
  4. If you get paid to post comments, then your comments are spam, go away.
  5. If I feel your comment is spam, I will delete it.
  6. You can criticize me or the other people who post on this blog, but being rude is likely to get your comment deleted. Go start your own blog if you want to be insulting.
  7. I reserve the right to edit your posts in any way I like. I can shorten them, delete them, and so on. If my server runs out of space, I can choose to delete all posts on my blog, forever, even if you said nice things about me.
  8. Do not criticize my anti-spam measures for requiring too much work. I do it on purpose.

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