PyCon2012–India, Bangalore— Raw brain dump of notes from the two days.

Disclaimer: Warning, loong rant ahead. Some of it may sound harsh and probably is harsh. Comments are likely to be a result of personal biases, state of mind, attention(awareness vs arousal levels/ratio) etc.. No effort has been put into making these even objective. I am against making anything politically correct in principle though.

TLDR summary: I can’t learn in any talks presented to groups more than 10. It’s just usually over-simplified, and over-slowed, and over-general. My learning works in short, quick feedback cycles. So what i took away, was good idea to attend these conferences, if i need a confidence/arrogance boost, but otherwise, better to just get the slides + code and try them out yourself. only if you don’t assign the time block,you’ll never get around to trying them out on your own, which is a problem on it’s own.

29-Sep-2012 Saturday, Bangalore, India
Saturday 29 September 2012 10:04:10 AM IST
Am sitting here at David Keynote address, was a little late in arriving so can get only a seat at the back. Can’t hear very well because of the acoustics, but he seems to be talking about Python Software Foundation(PSF) ‘functions finances etc.. Not interested to try and listen. Another thing, i notice is that he too has pauses and umm, not unlike PG at that Pycon (qualitatively,quantatively lot less frequent than PG), but overall, it affirms my belief, only experienced salesmen, can avoid those, even without preparation, us nerds, on the other hand can’t avoid it even if we are well prepared, no point trying or beating yourself up about it, after a botched presentaion.

Saturday 29 September 2012 11:43:34 AM IST
Now at Nick Coghlan’s highlights of Python 3.3 I love te changesg thaey haev done to error reporting on this one. i have been burned so many times by having to read through stacks and stacks of pytho code to figure out teh source of the error. No more of it.. too bad centOS, which is used in most produciton systems has just come to python2.6 And they have cleaned up the import lib mess now cool.. Unicode byte size are smaller.
Namespace changes: are option. in the absence of whole sys.path for packages

Sunday 30 September 2012 11:20:16 AM IST
Ok, i skipped a lot of other sessions, kinda sat in the scikit-learn and left halfway through it. This session is titled New kids on the scipy block. I was hoping to learn some more about scipy, by playing around with it, but it turned out to be more of a explanation/demo/promotion of the ipython editor for python programming. I was disappointed, but then another epiphany struck me, it’s hard to have an interactive session on any of these scipy, machine learning in an hour talk. basically because they just all simply take a loong time to run and the speaker can’t cover much if he’s waiting for the students to complete coding and running the script.
Oh well, time to break out and work on the coursera, courses. this was more of a ipython notebook IDE promotion talk. So here i am instead, going and reading up on the unix hater’s book.

Another epiphany, is i hav ebecome very good at installing and settingu pstuff on my unx box. that’s the biggest advantage of having gone completely on linux in the last 3 years. I guess, i mis-understood my motivations when i switched to linux. And now that freedom, from proprietary manuals, designed to hide IP- sensitive info and handhold/spoo-fed manuals.

Sunday 30 September 2012 11:40:50 AM IST
second part of this session is about llvm it is interesting so far .but we’r ejust a couple of minutes in. one reason is this presenter/speaker seems more iconfient. it focuses more on llvm-py and i have been biased about the looks of the presenters.
am finally spending some time not wondering if the 1.5k is a waset efo times.
Sunday 30 September 2012 12:36:10 PM IST
Now at that Text mining with pytohn tola.k
Sunday 30 September 2012 12:52:44 PM IST
And am already out of that talk.. today’s been a good day so far as far as energy,focus and motivation levels are considered. i haven’t had any pills so far.. the early morning was slow due to the cold i guess and the confusion, but otherwise it’s been fine. am back to my old self, dissing others :-P
and realized, i don’t have nltk installed on my python setup. What the Fuck??

Sunday 30 September 2012 02:14:42 PM IST
And now at a mysql talk from oracle. the first 15 mins gone on a talk by someone from the sales division, generally fluff about how mysql and oracle are treated and how the accusations about oracle killing mysql being false.
Kinda, boring and interesting. boring from the technical viewpoint, but interesting from the viewpoint corporate strategical communications and morketing methods. Ofcourse, it doesn’t make sense to talk about oracle killing myssql. neither are living entities or it’s not even clear how effectively we can attribute agency to a group of people made of corporations. Closing the source doesn’t make any sense as i can see oracle not making much money from the move. and just risk losing a image.

5.6 — upcoming features.
apparently , this guy used to be with mysql. and claims mysql never spent improving innodb.
the tech team’s claim is 5.6 is competent with other forks like mariadb,perconadb and nosql. And a huge performance. that vimal guy did say,percona has 3 machine/server synchronization. and that mysql’s core optimization team is gone, but oracle has hired more people as they have a lot more resources. well, given that it’s a new team that optimizes 5.6, i am still wary of it still it gets adopted by a lot of people. mainly because, the implicit knowledge the original team had is probably gone. and this new team is left with test cases, documentations.
anyway, new feature
1. ability to sue 48 cores(up from 32)
2. Better optimizer(that scares me)
3. Full text search– new
4. FB & Google contributed optimizations for SSD
1. Crash-safe masters ??
2. Replication checksums
3. Automatic recovery using transactional positioning??

Memcached is a built in plugin. and has an api. and the plugin runs on top of the innodb storage engine. that’s cool. and interesting, now it’s less of an either or decision between.
memcached api mapped onto the native InnoDB.
Ok, mysql 5.6+ is clearly, on the list of the DBs to consider when i get aronud to that idea(startup–global)
mysql is the blond, nice sister to the big brother of oracle.

on an unrelated note:
mysqltest, i was expecting something along the lines of ab(apache benchmarking), but it’s a little more work to test. hmm..

Sunday 30 September 2012 03:21:51 PM IST
GlusterFS: Distributed file server
— no meta-data server
— userspace driver
— latency
— POSIX compliant
— hasching on filenames to decide the location of the file
— striping

Most engaged session so far.. that gamble to ditch the regular scheduled sessions and go for that open space place has worked. Hmm.. i guess the planned ones simplify theirs for the sake of a more general/vaguer audience or atleast assumel lower audience knowledge level.

Sunday 30 September 2012 04:30:39 PM IST
Cryptanalysis using python
hot girl apparently ex-infoscion.. really follows the agenda/scripting.
clearly int the planned -organized talk idea.
assumes no knowledge of cryptography in the audience, may be i should have gone to big data. Was hoping to catch up some math i haven’t come across before.

Monome Donome Cipher — monoaphabetic multiliteral substitution. each char can be replaced multiple chars 24-letter is an example — blur the relationship
Ok am beginning to think a little better.
How many of you know how to write classes in python?? — Oooh fun.o
OK am out of that presentation, i can pickup that stuff from reading the presentations and get it online. So much for learning unfamiliar math.

Sunday 30 September 2012 04:43:13 PM IST

Now am at this Big data using python one. a
OK there’s a slide list ing

Ok, this is more about hadoop or so it seems.
one slide the compute moves to data, while data is moved to compute in other parallel data architectures???

I understand since it’s map reduce, the reduction and mapping are done on the nodes/data servers itself before communicating the result to the central source. But seriously, that’s an inaccurate, marketing jargon.

— Map Reduce
— Job tracker
— Task Tracker
— Name node

Ok this one also assumes the audience knows nothing about map-reduce and tries to simplify it for them.
Sunday 30 September 2012 05:03:58 PM IST
Am out back in the openspace.

Crap, now i have to figure out what to do till 1045 pm. i need to find a place to hang out preferably with internet. Ah well, looks like it’s going to be a cafe day nearby.

Triggered by GlusterFS plans to have two way master-master synchronization. what if both the files have changed?, they will have to merge like git does. but then git assumes text/character files. I wonder what happens when you have git merge to binary files.. hmm, that’s another interesting experiments to try.

Damn it i should have not missed scipy 2011.

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