Money as a leaky abstraction

This made me think. Money after all is a level of abstraction up from barter system old civilizations used. As abstractions are wont to.(see Joel spolsky’s leaky abstraction post), it has it’s leakages and the question becomes what can be done about minimizing those leakages?.

“So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another—their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun.” | Atlas Shrugged

There’s one blog post worth of ideas exploring,(Analogous to this one) though i don’t have the time or skill at the moment, will attempt it when i am more of my masochistic self. :-)

Well, using money as a sustitute for the barter systetm has it’s own problems, to begin with, it endows an inordinate amount of power to the bank employees, who actually are responsible for the execution of processes involved in the abstraction. A case in point, toda’ys experience at HDFC bank, waiting for more than an hour all to just withdraw only 10,000 instead of the 30K i wanted to withdraw, all because i have my cheque book, exhausted, debit and credit card blocked. am not trying to single out hdfc it just happens so that i used it right now.

The point being the employees are so bound by rules and trained so strictly that they dare not think on their own,except of course trying to sell me some investment oppurtunity.

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