Anuga– hydro dynamic software

I was at scipy India 2012 conference in Mumbai over the weekend and got bored of juost following the lecture and tride to install this anuga hydro dynamics project on my fedora box. There was no direct rpm for fedora 17 and i had to build from source, and soon i find that there’s an import of ScientificIO python package* required to be downloaded.
Some more google searching and it turns out it is an old package of scipy,numpy and netcdf, but not bundled anymore therefore not available anymore. I had scipy and numpy installed and only need netcdf .
I found an rpm and got it installed, thanks to iit bombay’s ftp mirrors.

Now the only thing left for me to install anuga is to get the python imports replaced.. After trying to run python install a couple of times and replacing the imports manually, it was very very clear, it will be a pain to get it done manually. Puneet chaganti suggested i use sed. I have come across sed before but haven’t really used it but boy, after 10-15 mins of reading man files google searching for examples, it was straight forward.
All i had to do was go into that directory and run

find -print -name ./ *.py |xargs sed -i '/s/offensding text/replacement_text/g'.

Now i run python install and voila it is all done.. it works perfectly.great i can get back to trying out and playing around with anuga per se and it’s simulations.

* — It seems it is still available here